Friday, 22 February 2013

Pam Hogg AW13

Images via Dazed, Fashion Scout

The Pam Hogg AW13 show was aesthetically and tactically perfect.

Hogg’s tactics were set in motion before the show had even begun. The hour long delay meant that the crowd had time to ponder on things both imminent and in the near-future, such as ‘ Should I use X-Pro II or Lo-Fi when I instagram these discarded cigarette butts with lipstick stains on them to try and encapsulate the tales of woe behind each one in this single image but in a totally blasé kind of way?’ and then, of course, deciding not to altogether because there is nothing blasé about the painstaking, soul-destroying steps of instagram. But as I waited in the cold, the one thing that I could not help but think about was what is it that I’m waiting for? Will it be worth it?  And of course, Hogg’s answers had to be yes. Some, however, made their tactical exits as the wait dragged on, with one even astride a stranger’s scooter. Or so they thought… Because to miss this show was to miss one of pure spectacle and appreciation; from the skill it must have taken for the dancers to walk down the runway on point, to the thankfulness to Hogg for deciding to have the male dancer wear something underneath that ripped, leather skirt, with one onlooker not having enough faith as she hurriedly covered her eyes as he did an undeniably impressive and risqué leg kick.

This idea of tactical nudity was another key aspect of Hogg’s collection. She knew exactly when and where to hide it, and then when to bare it unto the audience in perfect timing so that we were ready for it, and could then appreciate it for what it was, rather than sit stunned and in shock. But even if this was not to one’s taste, there were plenty of distractions from the lack of clothes that came from her outrageously present pieces, such as the voluminous, green headdress and strategically panelled latex and sequin jumpsuits being only a few examples of the reason that there was an almost constant clap that resonated throughout this outstanding show.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Front Row at Bora Aksu SS13

A soundtrack  that spoke of a ‘reckless’, ‘wild youth’ defined for us Bora Aksu’s vision of his ‘Modern Queen’. She was one that had retreated from a traditional marriage to her love of art and ‘precious botanical gardens’; this love resonating throughout the collection in the form of delicate patterns that wove across garments like flowers. But it seemed that these motifs could have almost been skeletal; this rebel Queen’s interpretation of nature.

We truly did play witness to a woman ‘born a princess, destined to become a Queen’, as the garments evolved into floor length gowns that bloomed about the models. She was our light, gleaming golds, corals and lilacs, through this journey of self discovery and appreciation.

So sorry for the lack of posts these days my internship is taking up so much time!

Friday, 27 April 2012

my lovelies,

just a post to say that I'm MIAing on you for the next two months so I won't be distracted from revision by your beautiful blogs. I'll be coming back to you on 20th June with leaver's ball outfit ideas and much summer tomfoolery and outfits to be shared.

all my love,

Mei xxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Enviable Trash

At first, I lent only a bemused eye to Steven Meisel’s ‘Haute Mess’, who seemed to have recruited an army of Amazonian eccentrics to adorn truly questionable outfits for his Vogue Italia photo shoot in March. However, on closer inspection, I could just about see a glimmer of Vuitton and Blumarine amidst the diamante encrusted scalps and talons, as well as the svelte form of Coco Rocha  encased in an armour of  Twix wrappers, indulging in a milkshake. From this glorious spectacle, it would seem that the most coveted of designers are now seeking to harness ‘Trash Culture’. Those who know it best make a point to constantly flaunt, with unashamed skill, a love of all things lamé, neon and counterfeit, and what better way to do this than through the clear walls of a PVC lined stage that is a ‘designer’ emblazoned bag to proudly bear your bedazzled trinkets.

The likes of Hermès and Prada have since tried to ‘tame’ such a philosophy and have successfully moulded it into a single, simple and manageable accessory. For houses as highly esteemed as these, their name delicately placed across a perfectly structured piece of crystal-clear plastic has produced an exceedingly desirable array of bags that were widely showcased on the streets of the most recent fashion weeks. However, many of my friends may attempt to deter me from buying such a piece, as I am sure that they don’t feel prepared to be exposed to the deepest, most neglected corners of my handbag.   

This article actually helped me secure an internship with Fashion156. I'll be starting in August and I'm literally so excited to finally start getting really involved in fashion :D

Nasir Mazhar Fall/Winter 2012

Nasir Mazhar, one of NEWGEN’s emerging talents, has the unique ability to transform, what some may call, an impossibly crazed vision into a palpable and truly wonderous collection. With previous designs including a bedazzled bucket hat and neon veils, his work for the fall season ahead has had him embellish and enhance one’s face, rather than hide it away behind an array of bizarre guises. Ingeniously, he has managed to create delicately beaded head pieces to grace and complete us, as we may attach them to our cheeks and foreheads in many different ways. With such details even encircling his beige, suede gloves, they exude an almost tribal impression, as these intricate patterns appear to decorate our entire bodies. But of course, Mazhar has harnessed this idea and has given it his own distinctive, urban touch.  

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Crystal Detail

Hailing nature as 'the greatest designer', Karl Lagerfeld, arguably one of the very few of our own who could rival her talents, sought to carve his own impressions into the crystals that have embellished our earth for millions of years. Each accessory acted as a microcosm of the huge spectacle of towering stalagmites that seemed to have erupted from the ground at the Fall/Winter 2012/13 show, it's ambience even resonating from the slight, gem bedazzled strips that framed the models' faces. We saw the layers of volcanic rock carve statuesque contours out of legs from the patterns of jeans, as well as frozen maelstroms that centre a glacier creep across structured jackets. Even the slate grey of a belted coat had the sheen of mica grace its folds after being so delicately intertwined within the twists of its yarn.

You might then furrow a crystal embellished brow at Pamela Love's crystal cuffs, one who would have our wrists bear these staggering formations. However, their gleam could not shield from the fact that they are impossibly similar to that of Chanel's, which resulted in Chanel actually withdrawing the bracelets from their fall collection. Nevertheless, the fact that both designers chose to produce pieces that were so much alike proves that this is to be a highly coveted trend.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Face Chandeliers

photos: dossierjournal, 

With chandeliers symbolizing the utmost luxury and wealth, your status in the industry is sure to be secured if you were to grace your face with these delicate chains and decadent jewels. Inbar Spector's astonishing masks may have concealed a triumphant smirk in satisfaction of being chosen to wear such a unique accessory but, they also exposed a need to transform and to have us question 'where does the skin end and the body start?' If you find yourself needing an excuse to buy one of these beautifully crafted guises, tactfully placed, they could hide or distract from a shameful spot or tired eyes. I know I would rather have people stare in awe, or even in shock at my choice of attire, than be shunned due to a questionable blemish. By appearing in shows from Ashish's 'Bollywouldn't' to Jeremy Scott's hommage to the 90s, the versatility of the face chandelier will ensure that it will be adopted and adored by many in the upcoming seasons.