Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind

It was rumoured that Mr Karl Lagerfeld chose the famous Place Vendôme in Paris to cater for his most recent Haute Couture collection so that his impressive stage could be bathed in moonlight that would wash over the audience, hypnotized by it's enigmatic glow. Such a haunting effect was surely chosen to illuminate the vast decor overhead, designed to mirror a perfect midnight. The deep, enveloping shade of midnight blue, with it's Gothic connotations, then evokes a fearful and perilous sense of romance that may ensue if one chooses to adorn themselves in it. Such a  mesmerising and seductive tone would be perfect for Halloween with the witching hour playing host to tales such as Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven' whose protagonist finds himself being tormented by a raven as he laments the loss of his love and his slow deterioration into madness.
The soft feel of velvet that allows it to move effortlessly with the body, caressing it almost, seems to compliment this colour so well, with Jesse Jo Stark's most recent collaboration with Vans consisting of a dress and shoes dedicated to it. The material allows for impossibly fluid movement that can reflect rivulets of light, making it seem as though  waves are lilting over ones svelte form or even that constellations are forming around you with Topshop trying to accentuate this mirage by decorating a similar dress with myriad stars. With midnight blue, even a used, burn out affect on velvet, beautifully exemplified below, cannot deny  the pure elegance that it embodies.


  1. <3 that velvet thing:)

    kiss dear

  2. please post your unicorn helmet :D i'd love to see it!

  3. amazing, i'd love to live inside a place that looked like that (︶▽︶)

  4. I absolutely adore velvet, so delicate and chic <3

  5. Love the looks and Karl always knows how to put on an amazing show!

    All the best, ~Angel

  6. Adore velvet and other dark moody shades in clothing -- they can look incredibly chic. Great post!

    Fashion Translated

  7. loving that velvet porcelain girl.
    those moon vibes are awsome!


  8. the velvet blue dress is just perfect!

  9. Loving the blue with the black!